Palm Pre

Last week I exchanged my old HTC Herald Windows Mobile device for a shiny, new Palm Pre. So far I really like the design and the usability of the OS and the hardware. Unfortunately, I have some strange calendar sync issues with appointments entered in the Pre not syncing back to my Exchange server. The Europe version of the Pre, however, is still running webOs 1.1.3 while the rest of the world is already using 1.2.1. Version 1.3.1 should be available worldwide in the next few days, so I will wait for that upgrade, see if it fixes some of my problems with this device and then I will deliver a full in depth review. Stay tuned.

Bachelor of Science

Yesterday I completed the last part of my computer science (bachelor) studies at the RWTH Aachen. After I handed in my thesis last wednesday I successfully defended it on September the 15th. While I still have to wait for the final report by my supervisor, in my mind I already have completed this part of my education. Below you will find the final thesis (english) and the slides (german).

HowTo: Use Spotify from Germany / Spotify in Deutschland

Spotify ist ein Musik-Streaming Service aehnlich der Napster Flatrate aber mit einem viel angenehmeren Interface (iTunes aehnlich) und einer besseren Auswahl. Leider befindet sich der Dienst momentan noch in der geschlossenen Beta Phase und aus Deutschland kommt man nur als Premium-User (9.99 Eur / Monat) in den (Musik-)Genuss. Mittels ein paar kleiner Tricks, laesst sich Spotify jedoch auch bereits aus Deutschland testen:


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