Concepts won't be in C++0x

On Monday I heard a talk given by Michael Wong (IBM Canada) and he told us - and he also wrote in his blog - about the last C++0x Standard Committee meeting in Frankfurt, Germany:

Parallel Computing Talk

About two weeks ago I spoke at the “Project Springboard” event – a free event organized by Microsoft Student Partners for students interested in new Microsoft technologies – in the Microsoft office in Cologne about Parallel Computing. As I had only about 60 minutes available my talk was meant provide a very high-level and broad overview over the field (general parallelization, native-, and managed code). I do not know if I really accomplished that task, but the comments afterwards were quite positive. Here are most of the slides I used (small parts were borrowed from PDC presentations).


I’m currently working on my bachelor thesis and – unfortunately – I’m very good at procrastinating. So to overcome this disease I use a bunch of tools and I want to describe some of them here:


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