Linker trouble on BlueGene/P system

Today I have learned that having a global variable in some C89 code which is not declared as static might be problematic if said code is later linked together with a Fortran program which includes a function with the exact same name es the mentioned variable. Somehow the program ended up at the location of the variable which of course ended in a crash with a signal four (illegal instruction). Took me about 12h to find and fix that bug… in my defense it was on a BlueGene system and I first thought the error had something to do with some front-/backend problems (you cross compile on the frontend and then execute the resulting binary using the LoadLeveler)… Anyway, now it works and I can finally take measurements for the thesis.

SIGPROF signal handler and pthreads

During work on my thesis the question popped up how signals generated by the SIGPROF timer were handled in multithreaded code. Signal handlers are process specific to it could have been that one random thread handled the sent signal. As I could not a find a suitable explanation in the intertubes I performed a small experiment.

Export Multiple Charts from Excel (Office) To PDF For LaTeX Inclusion At Once

I still receive a lot of hits for my earlier post about how to export Excel charts to PDF in order to include them in a LaTeX document. Various keywords also indicate that a lot of people want to kind of automate that process and export many charts at once. Luckily that is also possible now. I have not checked for the PC version yet (if you do it would be great if you could tell me in the comments or view some other channel but here is how-to for Microsoft Excel 2011 for the Mac:


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