GitHub Actions for VS Code extension

I’ve always been a fan of VS Code’s extensibility model. There a great docs and examples, and overall the development experience is very nice. So when the new GitHub Actions API came out, I started building an extension utilizing that to show GitHub Actions workflows and runs for your current repository in VS Code.

Darken your screen

Often when presenting screen designs in meetings the projector blows out highlights and small details, making it very hard to critique the overall design. If you are using a Mac you can use the awesome SPF to add a semi-transparent dark overlay over your screen. If you are on a Windows machine - or you don’t want to install an app for this, and you are presenting your designs using Figma in the browser anyway - use the following bookmarklets:

Next.JS + Typescript

Update 7/8/2019: Next.js has just released “Zero Config TypeScript Support”, so if you use the latest version, this repo is not required anymore:


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