Some of my side projects. Some were built to experiment with technologies I don’t use in my day job, others to fill gaps in products I worked on, and some were just to build something interesting.


Small library to execute durable workflows in Go.


Impera is a small browser game allowing you to play the classic world domination game online. The game has been online for nearly 20 years, going through various iterations.

Latest code is on GitHub:

  • backend written in C# using ASP.NET Core
  • frontend written in Typescript using Next.js and Redux Toolkit for state management

GitHub Actions for VS Code

Extension to integrate GitHub Actions into VS Code.

Jest error reporter for GitHub Actions

Reporter to see Jest errors as annotations in your GitHub Actions workflow results.

Older projects

Some older projects that never shipped or I don’t maintain anymore.

Die Verbotene Welt


Back in the early 2000s I worked with some friends in Germany on a 2D RTS called Die Verbotene Welt. We never shipped it, but our internal versions came quite close. Including split-screen multiplayer, beginnings of networked multiplayer and various single player modes.

sechsta sinn

Various Azure DevOps extensions

While I was working on Azure DevOps I built various extensions and published them on the marketplace. Due to lack of time and interest I’ve deprecated most of them. Estimate I was able to hand off to an MSFT sponsored vendor team to maintain:

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